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Friday, December 17, 2010

Sampling of December 2010 Posts to IHEC Blog's Facebook Page

Following are several December posts I selected from IHEC Blog's Facebook page that I thought I would share in this new media space.  While I strive to post daily (Monday-Friday) over on IHEC Blog, my micro-blogging posts over on IHEC Blog's Facebook page are much more frequent with most days receiving multiple posts.  I do a bit of posting over on Twitter as well (@DavidComp) but my level of engagement with Twitter has decreased over the past few months (still a fan and strong advocate).  Here is a look at what I am doing over at IHEC Blog's Facebook page:

A great news and information resource on International Education is Acuma Incorporated out of Australia (  Check out all of their new media spaces at  Not only is Acuma pushing valuable international education related news and information into the internets they are also using the various new media tools and a very effective manner!

This was totally off my radar: "Review of Global Studies Literature - No. 2, October 2010" brought to you by the NAFSA Research & Scholarship Network [co-editors Bryan McAllister-Grande and Rebecca Hovey] at

"Resources for Core Education Program Workshop: Developing Research Skills to Strengthen International Education Management Strategies" [Via NAFSA Association of International Educators Research & Scholarship Network] at

"NAFSA Internationalization Initiatives Ramp Up in 2011; Hudzik Appointed Senior Scholar" [] at

The Journal of International Education in Business. JIEB is “a peer reviewed journal concerned w/ subjects related to teaching and learning practices in culturally diverse academic business contexts & includes consideration of any implications for the workplace. Both research and scholarly papers are welcomed. More information at

‎314 international education related YouTube channel subscriptions available on IHEC Blog’s YouTube channel at

India's Ambassador to the United States, Meera Shankar, was subjected to the TSAs new enhanced pat-down in Mississippi. Ambassador Shankar was in Jackson, Mississippi last weekend as a guest of Mississippi State University. More on this at

The NAFSA "Peace & Justice SIG" recently changed their name to the "Peace, Justice, and Citizen Diplomacy SIG", You can access their NAFSA SIG space at Additionally, they have created a new wikispace for the SIG at

Local Eau Claire, Wisconsin news station highlights economic impact of international students on UW-Eau Claire and UW La Crosse campuses. Nice to see international education issue broadcast on air by a local at Data based on NAFSA economic impact statements!

‎"Reading Strauss in Beijing" by Mark Lilla [The New Republic] at

IHEC Blog fully supports the efforts of the One World Futbol Project The One World Futbol is the World’s first ultra-durable, all-terrain soccer ball.

The Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange data submission process goes paperless! Thanks @IIEglobal ~

Information about the new pilot African Language Initiative Program now available at Funding is provided by the National Security Education Program (NSEP) and is administered by American Councils for International Education in partnership with participating U.S. domestic and overseas institutions.

IIE Announces Re-Launch of the Freeman-ASIA Program with $2 Million in Freeman Foundation Support for American Undergraduates. More information at

The Future of US Foreign Policy: "The Revival of Soft Power and Cultural Diplomacy?"an International Conference, January 4th-6th, 2011, Washington DC. More information at

June 22-24, 2011 EducationUSA Forum registration open & conference details now live at (via Marty Bennett on FB)

‎'Ideal visa to exploit': U.S. fails to tackle abuses Investigation of J-1 visas finds students forced to work in strip clubs, others earning $1 an hour [AP Investigation]. More at

Some interesting data on the National Security Education Program service requirement for 1,006 recipients at

Future Forum on Education Abroad conferences: 2011 Boston, 2012 Denver, 2013 Chicago, 2014 San Diego, and 2015 New Orleans (via

‎2011 TIS Conference in association with CAPRI and CICIN: "Internationalisation of Pedagogy and Curriculum in Higher Education: Exploring New Frontiers" to be held at the University of Warwick, UK, 16-17 June 2011. More information at

New Consulting, Presentations and National Scholarship Review Activities for me highlighted over on my International Higher Education Consulting website at

My new, very part-time, consulting activities as a study abroad research consultant for the Center for Global Education at UCLA,

J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board Welcomes Four New Members at

Business For Diplomatic Action To Close Operations At Year’s End. Press release available at

If you support exchange between U.S. citizens and the Cuban people through the arts and culture, academic and student travel, religious/humanitarian groups, sports, and other people-to-people exchanges then please take a moment to sign the Latin American Working Group petition over over at at

Japan's Global 30 project, established by the gov to internationalise universities, is running out of money. (via @BC_CIHE on Twitter)
International Educational Taskforce policy proposal (draft) [Australia]

Depending on time, I may just make this an regular end of month IHEC Blog post or newsletter that can be posted to Scribd.  You can follow IHEC Blog's Facebook page at

Monday, November 29, 2010

What International Education Sites Do You Feed Your RSS Reader?

I have found my Google Reader (my preferred RSS feed reader) to be my best friend in learning about the field of international education.  It seems that many international educators find RSS Readers to be a very valuable new media tool used to keep up to date on the field according to a recent IHEC Blog new media poll (view results here).  In addition to posting to IHEC BlogTwitter and IHEC Blog's Facebook page I frequently share items of interest relating to international education via my Google Reader on this blog.  I actually feed my shared items to IHEC Blog (top right of the page) and my new consulting website/blog (bottom center of the page).  You can view all of my shared items at
Do you use an RSS reader for keeping up to date on the field of international education?  If so, what do you feed to your reader?  Leave a comment or five so others can learn about interesting sites to add to their readers.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

David Comp on his International Higher Education Consulting new media presence

The following is a video of me discussing my International Higher Education Consulting new media presence that I had recorded for Weidong Zhang's (@ahjim on Twitter) presentation for the ESL/International Students Advising group at the recent NACADA annual conference.  The video was shot in one take with no script so I hope it met the needs of the session.  Now that the conference is done I thought I would embed it here in case others may find it of interest.

Originally posted to IHEC Blog on October 18, 2010.

Friday, October 15, 2010

What Would Make a Great Smartphone App for Study Abroad?

I was thinking the other day about smart phone applications and the international educational experience.  Specifically, I wonder what features would be essential for a "study abroad" smart phone app?  There are certainly enough individual apps (most free) that make travel, living and studying easier.  What, in your opinion, would make a great study abroad app?

Some time ago, Abroad 101 put together a 
Top 10 iPhone Apps for the Student Abroad list and Study Abroad Blog - GIC Argentina put together a 15 iPad Apps for the Study Abroad Student list Additionally, the blog is available as an iPhone app and that is how I access this blog (get it here).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

294 International Education/Exchange Related YouTube Channel Subscriptions

Back in November 2009 I created the IHEC Blog YouTube channel as a way to compile a subscription list of all international education/exchange related channels on YouTube.   I posted to IHEC Blog about this new network and in the first week I had 13 subscriptions.  As of this post I have compiled a subscription list of 294 channels related to international education and exchange which you can view here.

Do you manage or know of a related YouTube channel that is not on this subscription list?  If so please leave a comment below or send me an e-mail message at the link (and a brief description of the channel if it is not already on the channel) and I’ll add it.
Originally posted to on August 12, 2010.

Friday, August 20, 2010

International Education Bookstore

Back in March I announced on IHEC Blog that I created a Bookstore (via  Since then I have been slowly adding to the Bookstore and there are currently 214 books + IHEC Blog Kindle Edition [U.S.] available in the Bookstore which you can access at:  With a few exceptions I have only added books that include a thumbnail picture of the front cover as I find that helpful when I search for books.  If you have a book that I should add to the Bookstore please send me an e-mail at

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Official launch of

I've been working on a new website/blog project for my side International Higher Education Consulting business for a several weeks now.  I used to have a Google Page and they changed to Google Sites so the webpage I used to have doesn't look that great and it was hard to navigate on the back end (and it didn't look that professional but it gave me a presence on the web for free).  Today over lunch I formally launched the new International Higher Education Consulting site at  I think it looks pretty good and there are many things I really like about it.  I still need to do some work on the site so I had a soft launch a few weeks ago before wider promotion yesterday on IHEC Blog which you can read here!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Results of the IHEC Blog Poll ~ What is the Top New Media Tool You Use to Keep up to Date on the Field of International Education?

Back on July 16, 2010 I posted a brief poll on IHEC Blog (view here) asking what is the top new media tool international educators use to keep up date on the field.  After two weeks, seventy-eight votes were cast and the results are now available here.  

Friday, July 16, 2010

Over on IHEC Blog you will find a brief poll I’m conducting on new media use in international education.  Specifically, I want to see which new media tool you feel is the “best” for keeping up to date on the field of international education.  I, like many colleagues, find myself utilizing all of the new media tools listed below in the poll (except MySpace as I’m not there ~ should I be?) but there are a few that I turn regularly for information so it is a difficult decision for me (I get to vote in the poll don’t I?).  I purposefully set up the survey to allow only one answer per person.  I estimate that this survey will take you 17 seconds or less to complete and I thank you in advance for your time!


The poll closes on Friday, June 30th at 11:59 (CST) and the results will be announced Monday, August 2nd on the new International Higher Education Consulting website at

Thursday, June 24, 2010

IHEC Blog Interview with Ruth Sylte about & Social Media at #nafsa10

During the 2008 NAFSA annual conference in Washington, DC, Ruth Sylte of the Manitou Heights Group interviewed me about my blog and how I use it to tie in with my side consulting business (International Higher Education Consulting).  Ruth uploaded it to her YouTube channel it was my first taste of YouTube (aside from watching funny videos) and the potential this medium has to offer the field of international education as well as my own consulting work.

As I was sitting at O'Hare Airport on my way to the NAFSA annual conference in Kansas City I came up with the idea of doing my own interviews with colleagues and posting them to IHEC Blog's YouTube channel.  Well, I was successful in that I was able to conduct three brief interviews with great colleagues.  I think this interview with Ruth at the booth (@GoAbroad on Twitter) fits very well with this site so please enjoy!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The IHEC Blog International Education Book Store

Recently I created the IHEC Blog International Education Book Store via and had a soft/quiet launch severalweeks ago. The little activity and traffic that I can track has been positive.  I mentioned previously over at IHEC Blog in a post that IHEC Blog is now an Amazon Associate (you can read more about that here). I’ve now taken this a step further and have created an international education book store on All books that I have and will review or highlight on IHEC Blog will be linked to Amazon for people to learn more about the book and to purchase if they would like. Additionally, all books reviewed and highlighted on IHEC Blog will be added to the book store. The book store is currently divided into the following five sections to assist with searching for books:

- International Education and Exchange
- IHEC Blog Kindle Edition (reminder that all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF)
- Resources for International Careers
- Public/Citizen Diplomacy
- Higher Education

If you have a book that you think would be a good addition to the IHEC Blog International Education Book Store please send me a message via e-mail at or via Twitter at @DavidComp with information about the book and I’ll check it out. While I am open to including almost all relevant books in the book store please note and understand that I may decide not to include a certain book. Additionally, if you have a book you would like me to review please feel free to contact me so we can discuss and coordinate.

You can link to IHEC Blog's International Education Book Store at

Monday, March 8, 2010

International Higher Education Consulting Blog (Kindle Edition)

Yes, you can now get IHEC Blog on the Kindle! I want to thank Penny Schouten (@PennySchouten) for suggesting this a few months ago. I finally found a few minutes this past week to investigate and that’s all that it really took to make it happen.

The main concern I have is that Amazon charges a monthly subscription fee. My intent with making IHEC Blog available on the Kindle was accessibility for readers and not pennies in my pocket. Additionally, Amazon set the monthly subscription fee at $0.99 but I would prefer the IHEC Blog Kindle Edition to be free. If you do subscribe I would love to hear what you think and if you could take a moment to provide a customer review I would appreciate it.

With a monthly subscription I’m not sure how many people will subscribe. Again, I didn’t do this to make money and any revenue generated by Kindle subscriptions I will donate to UNICEF. Even if you don’t have a Kindle or don’t want to subscribe to IHEC Blog please consider making a cash donation to UNICEF!

I have something else in the works for the mobile user and it will be free (assuming I read all the fine print correctly) so stay tuned…

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

IHEC Blog nominated for the Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010

Yesterday I received news that IHEC Blog was nominated for the Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010 competition held by Lexiophiles and Voting is open through February 14th so if you have a few free minutes between now and the end of voting period please take a few (maybe several) to look at the various nominated blogs and cast your vote.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

International Education Blogs & News Looking for Blog Submissions

International Education Blogs & News (IEB&N) is seeking blog URL submissions from international education professionals and organizations who are blogging about issues related international and intercultural education to be added to the site.

IEB&N is also seeking blog URL submissions from students, faculty and other academics (Fulbright grantees for example) who are blogging from abroad about their experiences. IEB&N is seeking blog URLs from anyone in the world who is studying and/or researching in a foreign country. Interesting blogs, for example, could be from German academics in Japan, Japanese academics in the U.S. or U.S. academics in Germany.

Please note that David Comp reserves the full right not to include any blog submitted for consideration to IEB&N as well as the full right to remove any blog currently feeding content to IEB&N at any time.