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Friday, October 15, 2010

What Would Make a Great Smartphone App for Study Abroad?

I was thinking the other day about smart phone applications and the international educational experience.  Specifically, I wonder what features would be essential for a "study abroad" smart phone app?  There are certainly enough individual apps (most free) that make travel, living and studying easier.  What, in your opinion, would make a great study abroad app?

Some time ago, Abroad 101 put together a 
Top 10 iPhone Apps for the Student Abroad list and Study Abroad Blog - GIC Argentina put together a 15 iPad Apps for the Study Abroad Student list Additionally, the blog is available as an iPhone app and that is how I access this blog (get it here).


  1. 70 Seriously Awesome iPhone Apps for College Students Abroad at

  2. "Studying abroad? There’s an app for that" post over on the API Blog at

  3. Hello David,

    I think a type of "urban dicitonary" app would be a great tool for studnets who study abroad. This app may enhance the social/cultural communication creating a more authentic learning experience. Your thoughts?

  4. @Melanie ~ Many thanks for your comment! I hadn't thought about an urban dictionary app and its usefulness to students abroad.

  5. I think something using location based services allowing you to map campus or keep track of your friends.

  6. Hello again David,

    You are quite welcome! I was working on my droid today and seeking some the kindle apps provided by for Androids. It got me thinking about some videos of casual conversations... a video urban dictionary to give students a multisensory learning experience that is culturally relevant and applicable. Your thoughts?

  7. David,
    With 'travelling' learners(ie.athletes away for long periods), student and teacher can easily use LMS system with shared functionality to include tracking, Schoolcoursework, P2Pcommunication, ireporting. Problem so far is that any decent desktop versions haven't gone mobile yet - and that's what the kids want! Cheers, Wayne

  8. My family members can use the same Voxofon account to make their calls abroad and enjoy great quality and low rates as well.

  9. I actually made one called Australia - Student Guide.

    Check it out -

    Please let me know what you think at I would really love feedback!!

  10. @James ~ Many thanks for your comment and link to your Australia - Student Guide iPhone app!