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Thursday, October 22, 2009

IHEC Blog now has a Facebook Fanpage

This past weekend I created a Facebook fanpage for IHEC Blog. My intent when I first opened a Facebook account was to create a page for IHEC Blog but I experienced a few difficulties in this endeavor so my Facebook account became simply a personal account. Only in the past 2-3 months have I become more active in my Facebook usage and have started to become a fan of and/or joined various groups including:
Last weekend I finally dedicated some time to try and figure out how to create a Facebook page for IHEC Blog and it turned out to be a fairly easy process. As regular IHEC Blog readers know, I also post to Twitter from time to time and for the past several Friday’s I have pulled some of the most interesting links posted to Twitter and compiled them into one post. I will continue to do this on Twitter and will also continue to post to Twitter a link back to IHEC Blog every time a new blog post goes up. I plan to continue to post to Twitter the same as I always have. The challenge to me is to make the content on IHEC Blog Facebook fanpage interesting enough for people to become a fan and follow. To be sure, some topics/information will be posted to Twitter, IHEC Blog and the IHEC Blog Facebook fanpage simultaneously but there will be times when I only post certain information to the IHEC Blog Facebook fanpage and not to Twitter or to IHEC Blog.If you would like to become a fan of the IHEC Blog Facebook fanpage please visit the site here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

IHEC Blog will Participate in Blog Action Day 2009 Focusing on Climate Change

October 15th will be Blog Action Day 2009 and International Higher Education Consulting Blog has registered and will participate. The theme of Blog Action Day 2009 is Climate Change and my plan is to highlight the various efforts and resources in the field of international education that focus on climate change. Examples of what might be included in my Blog Action Day post are:

- Social networks/listservs for international educators that focus on sustainability and greening the field

- study abroad/exchange programs with significant course content focused on climate change/the environment

- Standards of Good Practice

- Study Abroad Programs/Providers mission statements and/or efforts in this area

In order to produce a good resource I need your assistance! Please take a moment to leave a comment at with information (preferably links) on what your study abroad program, institution, or organization is doing in this area and I will gladly list and provide a link. Additionally, if you know of any resources I should list please leave a brief description with any links in the comment section.

Additionally, you can follow Blog Action Day on Twitter at

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you have.

David Comp

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interviewed about being an International Education Blogger

During the NAFSA: Association of International Educators conference in Washington D.C. (May 2009) I was interviewed on video by Ruth Marie Sylte of Manitou Heights (Conversations about Crossing Cultures and Bridging Divides in the Information Age) about being a blogger. Here is our conversation:

I want to thank Ruth Marie Sylte for making and posting my first and only video to YouTube! You can view Manitou Heights YouTube channel

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Compiling List of Movies/Television Programs where the Characters go Abroad

I’m creating a list of movie and television programs where the characters go abroad as part of the storyline. You can access this growing list here: I’m not specifically looking for international education experiences. International education experiences of characters in movies and television programs are of course desired but I’m looking more broadly at any character(s) that cross borders as a part of the storyline. If you know of any movies and/or television programs that should be added and have a free minute please visit to contribute to the growing list via the comment section. Be sure to check out the comments that have already been posted as several movies and television programs have already been listed.

Once it seems that the comments have slowed I will compile a more readable/accessible list and will summarize on IHEC Blog.

Thank you in advance.

David Comp
International Higher Education Consulting Blog

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Social Networks for International Educators

Over the past several months I’ve joined several social networks that are related to international education (at least the networks I’m eligible for as I’ve never received Fulbright funding or served as a Peace Corps Volunteer). At the moment I’m not very active in these social networks but I hope they lead to new connections and leads to valuable information that I might not otherwise come across in my other activities.Following is a list of international education related social networks that I have found and if any IHEC Blog readers know of any other networks that are similar in nature please leave the name with link in the comments section of this post:

Study Abroad Alumni


Green Passport Program

NAFSA Knowledge Communities & Discussion Forums

Building Bridges Coalition

The Global Education Collaborative

Fulbright Alumni

Connected Peace Corps

Additionally, there are several other social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook that have a heavy international educator presence with interesting content which may also prove to be valuable resources.

Those of you who couldn't attend the recent NAFSA conference or many of the sessions (if you were at the conference) might find the presentation
Study Abroad in a Transparent World by Penny Schouten and Sarah McNitt to be of interest and value. You can access their Power Point presentation here.

For a related IHEC Blog post entitled "Study Abroad and International Education in the Twitterverse" please visit

Friday, June 12, 2009

IHEC Blog Voted #10 in Top 100 International Exchange & Experience Blogs 2009 Competition

I just received word from Erin Gallagher over at the and Lexiophiles team that my International Higher Education Consulting Blog was voted number 10 in their Top 100 International Exchange & Experience Blogs competition for 2009! This is exciting news and I want to thank everyone who took a moment out of your busy lives to vote for my blog in this competition. You can view the list of all of the nominated blogs and how they ranked in the voting here and if you want to read an article that explains more about the competition you can do so here.

A word of congratulations is due to all the nominated blogs and especially the top three blogs as the team from and Lexiophiles have made donations to UNICEF on their behalf and the top three bloggers will also receive updates from the community where their donation was directed!

I would like to encourage all IHEC Blog readers to join me in applauding the top three bloggers by also making a donation to UNICEF.
You can support UNICEF in all of their great work here!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

IHEC Blog nominated for Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs competition for 2009

While I was in Los Angeles at the NAFSA: Association of International Educators conference I received word that my International Higher Education Consulting Blog was nominated for the 2009 Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs competition which is hosted by Lexiophiles [] and []. I encourage IHEC Blog readers to check out the top 100 blogs listed as there are some really good ones and to take a moment to vote in the competition (voting closes this coming Saturday, June 6th)

Thank you in advance for your consideration! David Comp

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Defunct Blogs Deleted and New Blogs Added

The initial launch of International Education Blogs & News back on February 23rd was a way for me to make available the many international education related blogs I find out there in the world wide web available to the masses. There has been good and consistent interest in International Education Blogs & News during the past three months and I wanted to share some metrics since it started:

· 911 page views during 639 visits
· from 382 unique visitors
· from 41 countries and 38 U.S. states & territories
· has 40.22% return visitor rate

These are very modest numbers but I never intended International Education Blogs & News to raking in the hits. I just went through and deleted old/defunct blogs and added some new blogs I recently discovered.

I want to thank the following blogs for adding International Education Blogs & News to their blogroll or linking to the site in some manner:

You can also link to International Education Blogs & News from International Higher Education Consulting which is my other blog.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enhancements to International Education Blogs & News

There has been much positive feedback on International Education Blogs and when I'm not focusing on my family, my work at the University of Chicago, my dissertation proposal, adding content to International Higher Education Consulting Blogs, and my project/editorial work in the field (Forum on Education Abroad, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Journal of Studies in International Education) I've been making small enhancements since the initial launch on February 23rd. Perhaps there are two that are two that are hopefully most interesting to visitors of International Education Blogs & News.

The first major enhancement to this site is a change in the name of the blog to International Education Blogs & News (IEB&N for short) as I felt this was more representative of what the blog provided to the field of international education.

The second enhancement to the site are the Google news feeds on the left sidebar that cover the following topics:

  • Study Abroad
  • International Education
  • Educational Exchange
  • Peace Corps
Once on the International Education Blogs & News website you simply click the topic of interest and you'll be able to link to articles on the web found by Google on that topic. I will be adding more topics to this "Google News Roll" in the coming days and weeks but wanted to set up these initial news feeds as a pilot. Please provide comments on these enhancements to International Education Blogs & News and if you have or know of a blog that should be included please post a comment.

Monday, February 23, 2009

International Education Blogs ~ A New Blogging Project by David Comp

International Education Blogs is a new blogging project I started today as an effort to bring all of the blogs on the web that touch on international education issues into one central location. Essentially it will be a blog roll with a few postings. Please bear with me as I learn the technology. This initial launch will have two different blog lists for you to review.

The first list of blogs will be those of people who are blogging on the field/state of international education and related matters.

The second list of blogs will be those of students and others who are currently blogging from a foreign location.

Some of you may be interested in my main blogging project at International Higher Education Consulting Blog which you can access here.