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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Top 17 IHEC Blog Posts of 2012

Long time readers of IHEC Blog have noticed a variety of changes here over the years.  One noticable change has been in the way I post.  Like many, my life is crazy busy.  I have a family of three young children, a full-time job, trying to finish my dissertation, on the editorial board of the Journal of Studies in International Education, I edit and publish IHEC Blog as well as manage several related internet properties, and occassionally I try to find some time to relax.  As a result, my blog posts have changed over the years and often times I only have enough time to embed a video that may be of interest to readers.  I also have significantly decreased the number of times I post to IHEC Blog (from a high of 282 posts in 2009 to 61 posts in 2012).  Despite all of this, IHEC Blog had a good year in terms of readership and when analyzing the various analytic tools and data available to me (and factoring out SPAM, bots and other non-interested visitors) it appears to be a worthy endeavor.

Following are the top 17 most visited IHEC Blog posts in 2012.

Future Conference Sites of U.S. Based International Education Organizations

Tips for Getting into the International Education Field

At What Age Can Someone Study Abroad?

The Climate for Innovation

List of Movies/Television Programs where the Characters go Abroad

We need students. For each student you bring us, we give you a 100 euros commission

Bibliography of Select Articles & Resources to Help International Educators Establish a New Media Presence

French Fries, French Dressing, French Bread and to drink, Peru

If you are interested you can link the top posts of 20112010 and 2009 (didn't produce a list for 2008).  You'll notice some overlap between the years with popular posts.  Perhaps a Top 10 (or Top 23) all time most popular post compilation is due...but that won't happen until things slow down!