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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bibliography of Select Articles & Resources to Help International Educators Establish a New Media Presence

I compiled the following bibliography for my International Higher Education Consulting site and IHEC Blog so I thought I would post these select articles and resources here as well to assist international educators in navigating the social media waters.

“A List of all the Free International Education Resources I Access” from IHEC at

“A social media boom begins in Africa” from United Nations Africa Renewal Online at

“Are you listening?” from IHEC Blog at (listing of international offices/departments with Facebook and Twitter accounts)

“Are your students on Twitter?” from Manitou Heights at

“Brazil’s nuts about social networking and Orkut best watch out, Facebook is on the rise.” from TNW at

“Establishing Trust in the World of Social Media -- Relevance for U.S. Higher Education” from the Marketing EducationUSA blog at

“Facebook Grows In Popularity Around The World” from NPR at (audio clip of segment also available)

NAFSA Collegial Conversation from February 9th entitled “Optimizing Your Use of Social Media, A Live Collegial Conversation with Jeramy Johnson from Academic Programs International - API.  You can access the archived transcript at

“Facebook: Using Pages vs. Groups in international education” from Manitou Heights at

“How can international educational exchange use social media?” from Manitou Heights at

“How Indian Students use Orkut to prepare for studying in the US” from the goSwoop Blog at

“Marketing U.S. Higher Education Abroad in the Social Media Milleu” from the Marketing EducationUSA blog at

“Read API Materials Anywhere! QR Codes and Catalogs” from Academic Programs International Blog at

“Results of the IHEC Blog Poll ~ What is the Top New Media Tool You Use to Keep up to Date on the Field of International Education?” on IHEC at

“Some good practices for Twitter in international education” from Manitou Heights at

“Social Media Strategy for International NGOS & Universities” free archived recording of the recent Webinar at

"Social networks and study abroad--The case of Chinese visiting students in the US" in China Economic Review at

“The Facebooks of China” from Fast Company at

“The most important way that International Education can use Facebook” from Manitou Heights at

“The Use of Social Media in Higher Education for Marketing and Communications: A Guide for Professionals in Higher Education” from the.eduGuru blog at

“Why Can’t Facebook Get More Than 2 Percent of Japan’s Web Users?” at All Facebook at

“You Don’t Have to Use it Yet; Just Be Open to Social Media” from the goSwoop Blog at

“50 Steps to Establishing a Consistent Social Media Practice” from at

A Few Helpful Resources
Directory of Universities and Colleges on Social Media at

ed Social Media at

IHEC Blog’s YouTube channel at (472 subscriptions [links] to international education related channels)

Manitou Heights at

Mashable at

Marketing EducationUSA blog at

Social Media Examiner at

Technology in International Education blog at