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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Defunct Blogs Deleted and New Blogs Added

The initial launch of International Education Blogs & News back on February 23rd was a way for me to make available the many international education related blogs I find out there in the world wide web available to the masses. There has been good and consistent interest in International Education Blogs & News during the past three months and I wanted to share some metrics since it started:

· 911 page views during 639 visits
· from 382 unique visitors
· from 41 countries and 38 U.S. states & territories
· has 40.22% return visitor rate

These are very modest numbers but I never intended International Education Blogs & News to raking in the hits. I just went through and deleted old/defunct blogs and added some new blogs I recently discovered.

I want to thank the following blogs for adding International Education Blogs & News to their blogroll or linking to the site in some manner:

You can also link to International Education Blogs & News from International Higher Education Consulting which is my other blog.