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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

International Higher Education Consulting website has new look

I have a healthy web presence within the international education community and the main website for my side consulting work International Higher Education Consulting can be found at  My other main website, IHEC Blog (where this post originated from), could arguably be called my home base as it is much more popular and the content is more robust and frequent.  I do have plans to rework and rethink my entire web presence and social media strategy but for now all is currently working very well for me and all roads lead to my International Higher Education Consulting website.  For some time now I've been thinking and working to change the look and feel of the website and after numerous small adjustments I have what I think will be the final product (until I decide to change yet again).  Below is a screen shot of the new site with one of my favorite posts.  What do you think?

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