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Thursday, October 22, 2009

IHEC Blog now has a Facebook Fanpage

This past weekend I created a Facebook fanpage for IHEC Blog. My intent when I first opened a Facebook account was to create a page for IHEC Blog but I experienced a few difficulties in this endeavor so my Facebook account became simply a personal account. Only in the past 2-3 months have I become more active in my Facebook usage and have started to become a fan of and/or joined various groups including:
Last weekend I finally dedicated some time to try and figure out how to create a Facebook page for IHEC Blog and it turned out to be a fairly easy process. As regular IHEC Blog readers know, I also post to Twitter from time to time and for the past several Friday’s I have pulled some of the most interesting links posted to Twitter and compiled them into one post. I will continue to do this on Twitter and will also continue to post to Twitter a link back to IHEC Blog every time a new blog post goes up. I plan to continue to post to Twitter the same as I always have. The challenge to me is to make the content on IHEC Blog Facebook fanpage interesting enough for people to become a fan and follow. To be sure, some topics/information will be posted to Twitter, IHEC Blog and the IHEC Blog Facebook fanpage simultaneously but there will be times when I only post certain information to the IHEC Blog Facebook fanpage and not to Twitter or to IHEC Blog.If you would like to become a fan of the IHEC Blog Facebook fanpage please visit the site here.


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